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Group Training

Details regarding In-Person Group Training with WIRED Development coming soon.

WIRED Dev group training
Wired Development HitTrax icon


The HitTrax training simulator helps players gain Real-time feedback on their swing.

Wired Development K Vest icon


Players gain valuable insights from K-Vest to push their development to new levels.

Wired Development Senaptec icon


Vision training with Senaptec is a unique offering players use while working with WIRED Development.

Wired Development Rapsodo icon


Through the use of Rapsodo Pitching, our players are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their delivery.

Wired Development throwing icon


All players follow our Velocity Throwing program to develop arm strength.

Wired Development hitting icon


Improvements in a players swing is found through mechanical analysis and training.

Wired Development strength icon


Strength and functional movement are stressed as a part of the In-Person Training program.

Wired Development nutrition icon


Planning nutrition helps players gain mass and properly fuel their body for training.

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