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Solutions Based Approach That Teaches Players The Necessary Skills To reach their maximum potential

Find the Right Path To Success

From In-Person to Remote Training

We believe Drills Teach Skills.  Our Development system teaches players skills that become usable in competitive situations through a constraint driven process.

In-Person Training

Individualized Hitting, Throwing, and Strength Programming in our Omaha, NE Facility.

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Remote Training

Individualized Hitting, Throwing, and Strength Programming utilizing our development process.

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Satellite Camps

Regional Camps that introduce our development process and serves as a foundation for our remote training.

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Hitting Leagues

Competitive National Indoor Hitting League utilizing the HitTrax Baseball and Softball Simulator

Frequently asked questions

  • Hitting
  • Throwing
  • Fielding
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition Planning
  • “High Level Pattern”
  • Constraint drills 
  • Randomized drills
  • Game type simulations
  • Facing velocity

Everyone has different goals and levels of commitment.

Our ideal schedule looks like…

  • Hitters 2-3 days per week
  • Throwers 5 days per week in the off season
  • Strength training athletes 5 days per week in the off season

Players of all skill level are encouraged to enroll and programing will be tailored to match each players current skill level with their future goals and objectives

  • Velocity Development
  • Arm Care
  • Pitch Design
  • Position player arm strength development
  • Pitch design
  • Pitch command 
  • Overall size and strength gains
  • Focus on bench press, back squat, and deadlift
  • Speed development
  • Force production increase

Players of all ages from 8 years old and up are encouraged to enroll in the in-person training

All in-person trainees will be offered a full suite of mobility and stability screenings that will help identify physical limitations and prevent players from being the best version of themselves 

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